Stump Grinding


After tree removal, stump grinding or stump removal may be necessary to maintain the beauty of your landscape or to allow for new foliage to be planted. At Godley’s, our Orlando stump-grinding experts can help enhance your lawn by removing trees and grinding stumps when needed. Professional stump removal is the key – we have the tools and hands-on skills needed to remove stumps safely and easily. Stump removal performed by a professional:


  • Is quick and affordable
    Orlando Stump Grinding

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  • Is performed immediately after tree removal or as needed
  • Uses specialized, professional equipment that removes the stump and root
  • Is best completed by a professional, experienced team
  • Saves you time and the cost of special equipment
  • Enhances the beauty of your landscape
  • Creates mulch that can be used elsewhere in your landscape.


Do not waste time trying to grind or remove a stump yourself, let the Orlando stump grinding experts remove unsightly stumps and help you improve your landscape at the same time. Attempting to remove a stump on your own can actually damage the surrounding landscape and take up a significant amount of your valuable time. It is also difficult for you to ensure you have tackled the whole root system when trying to remove a stump yourself. Having the proper tools and training makes stump removal easy – doing it yourself is not! With nearly 25 years in the lawn care industry, we have the experience, staff and knowledge to remove unwanted stumps. Leave this difficult task to the Godley’s team. We can handle stump removal jobs of any size – from the smallest sapling to the largest tree.


Once we have removed the stump, use our landscape services to get your lawn back in peak condition.


If you have recently had a tree removed and still have stumps dotting your landscape, contact us today to get a free Orlando stump grinding estimate.